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Phone: (403) 374-8819 • Fax: (403) 770 8532 • Mailing Address: 166 Rocky Vista Circle NW, Calgary, AB T3G 5B9

About RDS Appraisals Group

We Demand Excellence!

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Welcome to RDS Appraisal Group. With our humble beginnings in the town of Irricana in 2007 as Anadyr Appraisals, now we are a full service appraisal firm within the city of Calgary. We do appraisals on almost every type of property almost for every purpose whether it be for financing, asset management, mortgage recovery, injurious affection, occasional litigation, ect; RDS Appraisal Group has you covered.

We do appraisals on almost of all types of properties including commercial, industrial, shopping centres, office buildings, agricultural properties, businesses and assets, multi-family apartments and of course residential. We at RDS Appraisal Group demand excellence in all of our work we do. What do we mean by demanding excellence? Our appraisers do not use short-cuts when doing assignments. For example, many appraisers don’t take the time to measure a property and often rely on MLS listings as a source of measurement. This can make an appraisal unreliable if the living area taken from an MLS listing is wrong. We have seen this happen too many times. When we do the assignments we rely on floor plans, real property reports and our own measurements which include a sketch. This is the way appraisals should be done.

The areas we have covered are from Barons to Grande Prairie and from Brooks AB to Zebellos BC. The lions share of our assignments are focused in the Calgary and parts of Southern Alberta regions. We are on most approved lists with conventional lenders. If we are not on their list, ask if they are under our old name Anadyr Appraisals.

With appraisal report writing we use both CRAL and Bradford Technologies for our residential appraisals, and Word for all narrative reports that involve agricultural and commercial.

Once again thank you for visiting our website and please come again soon since we will be updating the website.

Our Team

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Richard D. Sieben AACI, P.App

Richard enrolled in the Real Estate Appraisal Program back in the early 1980’s at Vancouver Community College Langara Campus. During that time he has done some market research and some residential appraisals with various appraisal firms within the Vancouver region.

After moving to Calgary Richard took a recess from the appraisal profession and it wasn’t until the early 2000’s that he gave another commitment to the profession with the help from Emmanuel Cohen AACI (Retired) who was his mentor. After gaining experience with two appraisal firms as well as working for a reputable commercial appraisal firm, Richard began to work on his own. From humble beginnings in Irricana AB with Anadyr Appraisals to present, this is now RDS Appraisal Group. Richard has been in this business for over 15 years and being on his own for about ten years.

In 2006 Richard was granted the use of the AACI (Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute)

In 2014 he moved his practice in Calgary and has been there ever since. Richard has a dedicated team working for him and has helped and mentored several candidates to obtain their appraisal designations. Today Richard is helping his candidates and is committed to them in obtaining either the AACI or CRA designations.

Richard enjoys commercial and agricultural assignments. He has also worked on shopping centres and industrial bays. Other areas of practice include appraisal of development lands, evaluation of businesses, large apartments, condominium projects, highest and best use and feasibility studies and of course residential appraisals.

When Richard is not appraising, he likes to pursue his interests such as exploring Alberta’s rich history such as abandoned railways and its yards, Playing Frisbee and entertaining his dog General, cycling, photography and travel.

When Richard is asked what he intends to do in the future, he often responds I don’t think I will ever retire. I enjoy what I do to serve our clients and help my fellow candidates to obtain appraisal designations. He hopes his daughter will assume his business some day.

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Ron Buskell

Ron joined the Appraisal Institute of Canada in 2004 in Kelowna B.C. as a candidate residential appraiser. Moved to Calgary in 2009 and received the CRA designation in 2010.

Types of Appraisals Completed:
- Major banks and Secondary Lenders for financing and purchase of detached, attached, executive and condominium properties including: Grow ops, Foreclosures, Relocation, Government, Insurance, New Construction, Acreages and Marital Settlement

Qualifications includes:

Appraisal Institute of Canada - Ottawa:
- We Value Canada course
- Appraisal Standards and Ethics – completed and current

Certificate in Real Property Assessment, 2007 Vancouver, British Columbia

- Current with all training programs

Course work completed for the Canadian Residential Appraiser designation:
BUSI 330 – Real Property Appraisal
BUSI 100 – Microeconomics - Exempt
BUSI 101 - Macroeconomics
BUSI 400 – Residential Property Analysis
BUSI 111 – Real Property Law
BUSI 434 – Real Property Assessment
BUSI 444 – Mass Residential Demonstration Appraisal
BUSI 401 – Commercial Real Estate Analysis
Sauder School of Business - CPD - Appraisal Review Course
Sauder School of business - CPD - Highest and Best Use

Canadian Securities Certificate, 2003 - Canadian Securities Institute, Toronto Ontario

Open Learning Course Work Completed, Vancouver, British Columbia
-Microeconomics, Business Mathematics, Organizational Behaviour

Diploma in Education, University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Bachelor Physical Education – Major Kinesiology / Recreation, University of Manitoba

Bachelor of Arts – Major Geography / Physical Education, University of Winnipeg

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Michael Yakiwchuk

Michael Yakiwchuk (2006 BComm) is a Candidate Appraiser, currently working towards his CRA (Canadian Residential Appraiser) designation through the Appraisal Institute of Canada. He specializes in residential appraisals including single family detached properties as well as higher density condominiums and townhomes. Michael is currently working out of Calgary and is available to appraise homes in the surrounding area.

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Matthew Siu

An active candidate member of Appraisal Intuition of Canada who is working towards to CRA designation. Joined the industry since 2008. During the work history, have been completing residential appraisal reports on a variety of styles of residential properties.

The reports have been utilized by a wide variety of clients for differing reasons. The report format has included: several types of residential form reports, drive by appraisal reports, relocation appraisal reports and residential multi family appraisal reports of properties up to 4 units.

The style and type of properties appraised has included residential single family homes, condominium units, bareland condominium units, lease hold properties, mobile homes on rented lots, multi family duplex, four-plex buildings and rural acreage properties. The appraisals have included both properties with existing improvements, hypothetical values with improvements to be completed and vacant land.

The location of the properties appraised has included extensive work in the Calgary area, surrounding towns and rural locations up to approximately a 150km radius of Calgary.

The use of the appraisal reports has include mortgage lenders, mortgage foreclosure actions, matrimonial property settlement issues, evaluation for marketing of a property and retrospective effective dates.

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Yumeng Gong

Yumeng Gong holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He first became a candidate member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada in 2015 and currently working towards his CRA designation through the Appraisal Institute of Canada. Yumeng has been with Anadyr Appraisal Services since 2015 and currently completes appraisals all types of residential properties in Calgary and surrounding regions.